The course is aimed at complete beginners (A1) and is designed to enable learners to communicate in Arabic (MSA or any dialect of choice) within a limited range of everyday situations.
Topics covered:

  • Basic greeting and self-introduction.
  • Learning Arabic Alphabets, pronunciation sounds, short vowels and Long vowels.
  • Personal pronouns and attached pronouns.
  • Learning masculine and feminine nouns.
  • Learning Adjectives, places and prepositions.
  • Understanding constructing a phrase (Idafa).
  • More greeting, occupation, nationality, family and different relationships, describing things and people, asking and giving directions.
  • Learning how to ask different questions.
  • Capability of conjugating verbs in the present tense, future tense and past tense.
  • Learn how to negate verbs in all tenses.
  • Ability to make sentences and even paragraphs.
  • Learning dual and plurals rules.
  • Numbers, days of the week, counting, asking for a price or giving a price, telephone number and telling your date of birth in Arabic.
  • All lesson will consist of speaking, listening, translating, reading, role play and more as agreed between the tutor and the student.
  • Learning past tense (regular and irregular).
  • Ability to describe the day to day activities.
  • Learning about food and order.