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UK Arabic Language institute
UK Arabic Language Institute provides first class Arabic tutoring, first class materials and first class tutors. Our team consists of qualified native Arabic tutors of an average of 8 years’ experience from the entire Arabic world. We teach Arabic all over London and Online (through Skype).

Professionals, students and even children have benefited from our language courses, all of which are tailor-made to reflect each student level of experience and need. We do provide 1-2-1 courses, group courses, corporate training and online lessons for all Arabic Dialects and Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha).

She speaks Arabic in 8 months, YOU SHOULD TOO!

Mission & Vision


To provide quality lessons at competitive prices and to create a joyful learning experience, led by our professional teachers who bring out the best in every student through a personalized approach.


i. To help each student achieve their individual goals and target
ii. To attract students from all ages and background to study Arabic in an easy, flexible and affordable system.
iii. To teach gulf, Levantine and Egyptian dialects to cooperate companies and schools around London.
iv. Ability to deliver professional tutoring services online (via skype) wherever you are.


UK Arabic Language Institute is available seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our Arabic courses take place between 08:00 and 20:00, although training is also available outside of these hours upon request. Suitable tailored and published materials as well as online learning resources will be used throughout your Arabic course, with recommendations on self-study material and extra reading made at the beginning and throughout the duration of your course. Appropriate formats will be discussed during your diagnostic consultancy and assessment.


Our Students came from different backgrounds and nationalities. They all have different reasons to learn Arabic. Some students learn it for religious purposes others for business and many just for fun. Whatever reason you have to learn Arabic we are here to help you and to make you excel. We welcome anyone who wants to learn Arabic young or old, professional or student, children or adults. We are here to make your Arabic dream a reality. Here are some statements from our current students:

Anna, Russia

I have been studying Arabic for the past year, I had different experiences and I can say that UK Arabic Language Institute is a great place to learn Arabic, every class is interesting and enjoyable. At first I did Arabic at my university and my progress was not as good as when I started here, their approach is very personal, depending on your goals. When I left London and could not have face-to-face classes I was able to do classes over Skype, which turned out to be just as good as the regular lesson with a more flexible schedule and interactive sessions. Classes is always a good fun, I get to watch different episodes, cartoons, read stories and learn about the Arabic culture and traditions. And now I can say I speak a very good Arabic.

Hassan, from Tanzania

I started taking interest in the language when I went home and was l with my family, they would speak to me and to themselves in Arabic and at times I would sit feeling left out, when I got back I took an oath to learn at least the basic, later did I know that I was in it to win it.

My experience in the language was a bit of a mix emotion, as it was exciting yet challenging, I had a very good time learning it, however as it when on it gets tough, the tough also gets going. I was addicted to the challenge and became my cure for insomnia, meaning if I didn't revise a day I would regret ever so much, however I was graciously lucky to meet a wonderful teacher who became like my sister and a mentor in the language who guided me to the right way but also I thank god for guiding me to her and a lot of my friends whom most of them are from Arabia. They played a massive part in my improvement, it's been a year now and if anyone told me that after a year I would be in this position now, I would have not believed them.

I conclude my statement by encouraging anyone trying to take on the challenge that it is worth it, like I said at first you would not see it but in the end the light does break through and gets easier and better, I believe all good things come in due time they are worth the wait.

Hanif, From India:

Hi my name is Mr Hanif, I am a British Born Indian. My mother tongue is Gujrati/hindi. I speak English most of the times. I wanted to learn Arabic because I love the culture and also for business opportunities dealing with people from gulf ( khaleej). This is my 3rd attempt as I gave up the first two times. I have been having a one lesson a week consistently for three months and making good progress. Fartun is very patient and her approach is very personalised towards my learning habits. I am making more progress as the weeks go by. I am confident, I will be at a high level by the end of the year - thanks to Fartun. If anyone wants to learn Gulf Arabic Fartun is the go to teacher.

Karim from London

As a student of Arabic at a well known university I often felt that our classes took quite a passive approach to learning. This is something I feel is broken from the first lesson in UK Arabic Language Institute. My teacher Fartun has a distinctive ability to make one feel at ease in her presence very quickly. This is important for language learning as it allows you to feel you are developing yourself in a non pressurised environment which in my opinion can be the biggest stumbling block in language acquisition. Any self conscience tendencies dissipate very quickly with Fartun and she effortlessly installs a new and invigorating sense of confidence in her student. She is very skilled socially and is a natural communicator, this helps to ensure that the learning process becomes as seamless as possible. I would recommend her to all and to this day miss my lessons with her.

Yazz from Luton

Fartun is a fantastic Arabic teacher! She is a friendly tutor and encourages me to push myself. I really enjoy the material she gives me whether that’s a Kuwaiti soap opera or a popular Arabic song to translate. Her teaching methods cater for the environments we as individuals live with the occasional field trip! She’ll also go out of her way to help you outside of the lessons over the phone or email too. Fartun is an excellent Arabic tutor who will support, challenge and guide you in your Arabic studies. I highly recommend her!

Khalid Al-Rafai, Wales

Fartun is a well experienced Arabic teacher and a natural linguist. She helped me to develop my Arabic to a standard where I am able to confidently engage in basic conversation and confidently read and write basic Arabic in a matter of weeks. She provides quality learning material in class and engages in Arabic conversation to develop fluid inter-person communication skills. I highly recommend learning Arabic with Fartun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why Learning Arabic in UK Arabic Language Institute?
Most of our students would recommend us to a friend or family. Our unique style, easy methods and professional tutors will make your Arabic experience amazing. With our support and your commitment, we guarantee you would reach your goals and speak Arabic fluently. Just choose one of our courses and start your Arabic journey now and witness the difference from the first lesson.
2Is Arabic language hard to learn?
Arabic is not an easy language, it’s a very rich language. However, we succeeded to present it in an easy and understandable way. We teach the language in a logic and repetitive manner to make it simple and enjoyable.
3Why Learning dialect first is much better?
Many of the students who want to learn Arabic fall under a misconception between Modern Standard Arabic and dialects. And many thinks that’s MSA is the best option which is not if you want to communicate in Arabic with people. Modern Standard Arabic is the mainly used in Arabic texts, Newspapers, books and schools. However, people on daily basis uses dialects to communicate. Learning dialect is much easier and efficient if your main goal is to speak with people and haggle. If your main objective is reading and understanding formal text, then MSA is the best choice for you.
4Why learning Arabic?
Arabic is the most spoken language in Muslim world as being the Language of Qu’ran, the Holy book of Islam. For more than 22 countries Arabic is the official language, from Morocco to Iraq and as far south as Somalia and Sudan. There are many languages that use Arabic Alphabets as Persian/Farsi, Urdu, Pashto and Kurdish. When you learn the Arabic language you will be able to read sentences writing in those languages.

Today Arabic Language has many regional spoken dialects such as Levantine Dialect which spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Gulf Dialect which mainly spoken in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, and Iraq. Egyptian Dialect covers Egypt and North African dialect which covers mainly Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.
5Which dialect is the best for me?
That’s mainly depends on your objective and the reason for learning Arabic. If you learning for business reasons and your customers are from gulf region and you would like to hold a meeting in Arabic, then gulf Arabic is the dialect for you. However, if you are married to an Egyptian and would like to communicate with your spouse or his family then Egyptian dialect is the one for you.
6How long will I need to be fluent in Arabic language?
That’s depend on the effort you put in it. The more you learn the faster you progress. Usually in 6 months you should be able to converse in Arabic covering the topics you have learned.
7Do you recommend one to one tuition or group classes?
It depends on your learning style and availability. One to one lessons give you more flexibility with time, you have the lesson whenever you are free and the tutor will only focus on you and will cater to your need alone. However, in group lesson is cheaper with fixed dates and time. You can interact with other students and practice Arabic with them in every lesson.
8How many levels do you teach?
We teach all levels, from beginner to advance level.


Native qualified Arab tutors are welcome to work with us, please email us your CV on: info@ukarabiclanguageinstitute.com


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