Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Fusha is the official language for 22 Arab countries. Today Arabic newspapers, text books, novels, poems are written in MSA which make it widely used around the world. However, MSA is considered a written language more than a spoken one. People in Arab world do not speak MSA in their daily life they speak colloquial depending on the country. Therefore, we offer our students both Arabic dialect courses and MSA courses.

This course will benefit you if you want to:

  • To be able to read and understand formal and religious texts.
  • To learn Islamic sharia and Quran
  • To be able to read to books and newspapers
  • To be able to translate from Arabic to English
  • To strengthen your Arabic language
  • To help university students who learning Arabic

Learning MSA will help student to be able to read, write and understand Arabic language. To achieve this goal, we are using specialized books to teach Arabic which being thought in universities and language centers around the world.

Modern Standard Arabic beginner group course starting SOON for more details email us on:

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