One-to-One Classes

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One to One classes

1 hour£33
10 hour£330
20 hour£620

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*Lessons commencing at the student’s accommodation or office will have an extra charge so please contact us for a quotation.


  1. Lesson Completion:
    • All purchased lesson hours must be completed within a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to schedule and attend the lessons within the specified timeframe.
    • Any remaining hours after the expiration date will be considered void and non-refundable.
  2. Lesson Cancellation and Rescheduling:
    • If a student needs to cancel or reschedule a lesson, a minimum of 48 hours notice must be provided.
    • Cancellations or rescheduling requests made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson will be considered as a completed lesson, and no makeup lesson or refund will be provided.
    • The student is responsible for notifying the instructor or the school administration regarding any cancellation or rescheduling requests.
  3. Makeup Lessons:
    • Makeup lessons may be offered in the event of a cancellation or rescheduling request made with a minimum of 48 hours notice.
    • Makeup lessons are subject to instructor availability and must be scheduled within the original 6-month period.
    • Failure to attend a scheduled makeup lesson will result in the forfeiture of that makeup opportunity.
  4. Punctuality:
    • Students are expected to be punctual and ready for their lessons at the scheduled time.
    • If a student arrives late for a lesson, the lesson will still end at the originally scheduled time, and no additional time will be provided.
  5. Refunds and Transfers:
    • Lesson fees are non-refundable, except in cases where the school is unable to provide the lessons as agreed.
    • Lesson hours are non-transferable to another individual without prior approval from the school administration.
  6. Instructor Availability:
    • All lessons are subject to instructor availability.
    • In the event that an instructor is unable to continue teaching a student, the school will make reasonable efforts to assign a new instructor or provide a suitable alternative arrangement.

Please read and familiarize yourself with the above policies. By enrolling in our Arabic school and scheduling lessons, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to comply with these policies.