A private One-to-One Arabic Course is the perfect choice for students wishing to make a significant progress in a minimal length of time. Each One-to-One Course provides comprehensive, accessible and flexible means to learn Arabic language. The students are able to choose the area which they would like to focus on, grammar, conversation skills or vocabulary.

One-to-One Arabic courses are very flexible; lessons can be held at any time of the day which suits the student’s convenience. Lessons can be held in Central London or at student’s place of accommodation or office at a slight extra charge. The tutor will cater to your needs and requirements. Our one to one lessons are tailor-made for each student level.

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Consist of different courses (MSA Course, Gulf course, Egyptian course, Levantine course) designed to promote communicative competence in Arabic Language. These classes are designed for those who have a busy lifestyle but need to learn Arabic language skills. Students who register for this program participate in one-day class a week, either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Students study 8 hours per months. At Arabic Language Institute we guarantee the highest level of education standard and the best experience in learning the language. The course will focus in all aspects of the language (reading, writing, speaking and listening) plus role playing, translating and group activities.

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A lot of companies in the UK understands the significant of training their staff in the Arabic language for business purposes. Therefore, we offer corporate course which can be held in the company premises. Or it can be held in our facilities in London. We can offer group course (Maximum 15 people) or it can be one to one course.

Our corporate courses are industry-specific, for example, Arabic for Education, Trading, Politics, Media, Banking, as per client request and needs. If you like specified Arabic course for your industry kindly contact us to arrange a meeting so we can prepare your requirement.

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Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be awarded to students who successfully complete the assigned work.


Learn Arabic Online with our professional tutors. We offer one to one lessons on Zoom, Teams and Skype for students all around the world. We make our services reachable and accessible wherever you are. We are currently teaching students in Italy, Russia, Qatar, USA, France, Germany, Portugal, UAE, Switzerland and Australia. Our lessons approach is personalised and efficient for our student need. A lot of students have benefited from our online courses which are not different than our usual courses in London. Wherever you are, you receive the best materials and the best tutors.

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Our intensive course design to help student communicate in Arabic easily and confidently in a short time. This course is perfect for you, if you don’t have much time or you just want to improve your Arabic fast.

Having 25 or 30 hours of tuition per week will certainly help you to communicate in no time. Students from all levels are welcome in this course and the course will be tailor-made to your level and needs.

During each lesson all the skills will be covered reading, writing, speaking and listening. Textbooks, videos and audios will be used during the lesson to help you practice and understand more Arabic.

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Free Trial

We are giving a rare opportunity for people in doubt of Arabic language. People who think Arabic is hard and cant be learned. This is your CHANCE! We giving you a free Arabic session to experience our Arabic tutoring services and teaching methods. The session is one to one and this offer is available NOW.