In this level we expect the students to learn more vocabulary, grammar and have a better understanding of constructing sentences and expressing themselves.

  • Describing one’s daily routine, setting it in time and place.
  • Speaking about general interest and hobbies.
  • Asking questions about another person’s routine and interests.
  • Having a phone conversation, accepting, refusing offers.
  • Describe past experiences and future plans or wishes.
  • Ability to make or cancelling appointment.
  • Describing things by their colours.
  • Learning about clothes, shopping in a store and negotiating price.
  • Describing events and different types of party or gathering.
  • Speaking about health, asking about another person’s health.
  • Ability to describe the weather and current situations.
  • Introducing friends and family.
  • Continuing past tense verbs.
  • Learn numbers after 11 and ordinal numbers.
  • Learning comparatives.
  • Learning imperatives