Most Common Colloquial Arabic proverbs

Most Common Colloquial Arabic proverbs

Most Common Colloquial Arabic Proverbs

Arabic proverbs (أمثِلة) is a big part of spoken colloquial Arabic. Just like other languages, Arabic saying contains advice, wisdom and sometimes an insult. It helps to make a statement about an event or life in general. Here we will cover a few Arabic proverbs in different Arabic dialects and what does it mean. Most of these sayings are well known in all dialects but we choose few of them in different dialect:

Proverbs in Gulf Arabic بالخليجي

Il-gerd bi-3ayn omuh ghazaalالقِرد بعين أُمُه غزال

Means the monkey in the eyes of his mother is a gazelle. Which means mothers don’t see the flaws of their children. The saying mainly refers to beauty and intelligence.

Ili faat maatاللي فات مات

Literally means the past died. Which also means the past is the past.

IS-Sadiig wagt ith-thiigالصديق وقت الضيق

Simply a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Zaad iT-Tiin balahزاد الطين بلة


Means you made the matter worse just like adding water to the mud.

Noom ith-thaalim 3ibaadaنوم الظالِم عِبادة

The sleep of the tyrant is worship. Can be said when there is a person who is bully or loud and you can resume calmness and peace when they are sleep.