The objectives of Intermediate Arabic course are to enable the student to build a soiled knowledge of Arabic grammar, to expand vocabulary in terms of complexity, and to increase the acquisition of words for active and passive use in a wide variety of topics and settings.

  • Articulate a speech about current events in the past, present or future.
  • Listening to more audios and ability to understand the context.
  • Ability to talk in more details about your education and field of work.
  • Express preferences, ideas, opinions and feeling about different topics/situations.
  • Capability to describe and compare cities, people and places.
  • Talk about possibility and certainty.
  • Making conditional sentences.
  • Criticize, complain or compliment.
  • Leaning passive participle.
  • Using connectors in Arabic.
  • Continuing learning forms of verbs.
  • Covering vocabulary in a range of topics such as health, money, politics, jobs, relationships…etc.
  • Students can focus on topics that relevant to them and their purpose for studying Arabic.